Analyze, optimize and diversify your internal anchor texts

One of the most powerful levels in link building is anchor text optimization. Yet on our sites we frequently only use a single anchor - the menu link to a page, or the title of a blog post - to link to our content.

SEO Scout makes it simple to see the breakdown of incoming internal anchor texts to your pages, and highlights pages where there are few unique anchors. Use the suggestions to add internal links with diverse anchor text and boost your relevance for 100s of long tail queries.

Find pages with few internal links for an instant boost in rankings

Inbound links are a vote for the importance of your site - and the same goes for your internal links. If a page on your site has few incoming internal links, then you're effectively telling Google that content is not important.

Using SEO Scout you can quickly filter your pages to find ones with low, or no internal links, and give them a boost by adding more internal links from other content on your site.

Discover internal linking opportunities

Now you know which pages need more links, where do you build them? There are two ways to think about this - authority and relevance. Historically we'd aim to put internal links on our strongest pages, but this can be limiting, and Google is increasingly focused on topical relevance.

SEO Scout will make recommendations for the most relevant articles to add your internal links to, based on the keywords your page ranks for and the content of the recommended page. By crawling and indexing your site's content we can offer highly relevant suggestions of pages that don't yet have an internal link.

Where your links are matters: Focus on links in content

Not all links are created equal. Thanks to Google's 'Reasonable Surfer' patent we know that links in footers and nav bars pass less importance than those in an article's content, due to the fact they get clicked less often.

SEO Scout analyzes your site's structure and tags every link, so you can see which pages have few 'in-content' links and build some more. Even pages that are already linked in your site's header on every page of your site benefit greatly from adding new links in content!

The combination of topical relevance thanks linking from relevant content, and the additional long tail anchor texts you can build make a killer combination.