Squeeze more clicks from the content you already have

You know the power of long tail keywords. Most of the articles on your site will get traffic for a diverse range of synonyms and keyword modifiers far beyond the original terms you set out to target with your post.

But what if there was an easy way to discover more opportunities? And better yet, to make simple tweaks to your page to dramatically increase the amount of organic traffic each of your posts brought in?

Using our 'Missing Keywords' report you can quickly discover the variants on your main keyword that your page is getting impressions for in Google, yet you are yet to target in your page title, headings or body copy.

Most of these impressions will be for terms that are very easy to rank for - yet often your site will be languishing on page two or worse due to the fact you neglected to mention them on your page at all.

Quick SEO wins from optimizing existing content

Using the insights from our missing keywords tool it is a trivial task to update old content and maximise the value you get from Google. Whether it is a simple tweak to your page title to expand the range of keyword variations you rank for, an update of your heading tags you can see rapid and impressive gains. By moving these 'missing keywords' from page 2+ to the top ten you can see an instant increase in traffic, often overnight.

Sometimes you may want to do more than simple tweaks. It might be that there is a side topic your article is not adequately covering, so adding a few more paragraphs and subheadings could be ample to boost your performance for a whole new set of keyword combinations. Or perhaps you might want to consider using some of the 'missing' keywords in internal links from other relevant pages to push yourself over the line.

Stop leaving clicks on the table. Get instant insights into the missed opportunities on your site when you sign up today.