Keyword Research & Content Analysis

Deep Topic Research

Analyze your niche's search result pages. Compare your content to your top competitors using our NLP topic + entity research tool.

Discover thousands of keyword suggestions and hundreds of your customers questions from Google's People Also Ask. Use our keyword grouping tool to kick start your own topic clusters in our content planner.

Keyword & Topic Research Tool

Keyword Explorer + Competitive Keyword Research Tools

Spy On Your Competitors Top Keywords

Want to know your competitor's top pages and keywords? Get amazing ideas for new sections and articles and up your content marketing game.

Build better content than the competition and broaden your rankings across thousands of new long tail keyword opportunities

Competitive Research Tools

Boost Your Clickthrough Rate

Increase your CTR by testing your page titles

Your titles should be bringing you more traffic. Split test your copy to find the best performing snippets, and get up to 50% more clicks for the same positions.

SEO Testing Tool

Keyword Perfomance Reporting

Unlimited Rank Tracking

Explore your page and keyword performance across your site. Track ranking changes and discover opportunities to rank for even more keywords.

Track Your Google Positions

Dig deep into your site

Discover Long Tail Keyword Opportunities

We crawl your site each week on autopilot, comparing your content to your existing rankings, and highlighting 'missing' keyword opportunities.

Update your content to include new synonyms and modifiers in your copy, headings and titles and see overnight gains in search visibility

Find Long Tail Keywords

Solve Competing Content

Prevent Keyword Cannibalization

Stop your pages from competiing with each other. Find cannibalization issues with ease, identify conflicting pages and ensure your site is prioritising the correct content to rank.

Fix Keyword Cannibalization

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I've certainly never offered anything quite like it! With 6 months free on any annual package you'll have everything you need to rank higher and crush your competition.

Plan amazingly rich and comprehensive content using our Topic Research Tool. Go beyond keyword research alone and discover all the entities, concepts and things your competition are including in their content and ensure you are offering a higher quality of content. Discover all the questions your customers are asking with our People Also Ask and Quora scraper, then answer them to capture featured snippets.

Use our unlimited rank tracker to ensure you have a grasp on every single keyword you rank for. Monitor your top pages for missing keywords you can use to improve your content and capture more long tail rankings, and highlight pages with low CTR.

Then run tests on your content to optimize for higher organic clickthrough rate.

Does your black friday deal extend to Cyber Monday too?

Yes! The deal expires at midnight on Monday 2nd December - but if you're really nice we might extend it for you, so don't be afraid to ask

Do I need a special discount or coupon code?

To claim your discount please ensure you enter the code BF2020 into the checkout form

Can I trial the product before buying your Black Friday Deal?

Absolutely! Take a 7 day trial today to lock in your discount, then only pay the discounted rate if you decide to stay when you trial ends.

How does this compare to SEMRush, Ahrefs or Moz?

As a smaller, independent tool we cannot offer everything these giants offer. The key difference between us and those tools is the lack of backlink analysis. But if you're looking for a great deal on a tool that provides comprehensive keyword and topic research, rank tracking and site analysis, look no further!