Could you boost your Google traffic overnight?

All businesses online seek to improve their search engine rankings. Some write yet more articles to try to rank for more keywords. Others attempt to build links via relationship building and outreach.. or even by participating in 'black hat' link schemes.

Yet there is one technique that is often staring us in the face: the keywords your site already ranks for!

Increase your traffic by broadening your content's keyword coverage

The vast majority of pages on the web appear on Google's top 100 for phrases they never tried to optimize for! These 'hidden keywords' present a fantastic opportunity to make your website work harder.

Many sites will languish on page two or higher for these bottom of funnel, high conversion potential keywords. From time to time they might win a click - but the majority of the time they lie undisturbed at the ugly end of Google's results.

SEO Scout offers tools to dig deep through your Google Search Console account. By comparing each of your pages' rankings with our crawl of your site's content, you can spot missed opportunities.